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Difference between Gametogenesis & Embryogenesis

Difference between Gametogenesis & Embryogenesis

Gametogenesis- Gametogenesis is the term for the process of gamete creation. Gametogenesis is the process through which sperm and ova or gametes, are created in the male and female gonads (testes and ovaries), respectively. 

There are two stages in gamete formation:
1.   Spermatogenesis
2.   Oogenesis

The process of creating sperm in the male body is known as spermatogenesis, It occurs in the teste’s seminiferous tubules, which are connected by germinal epithelium, and the process of creating eggs in the female body is known as oogenesis. The nuclei of gametes are different from those of all other somatic cells in the body because they only have half the amount of chromosomes. Spermatogenesis and oogenesis both involve consecutive phases of transformation, respectively-

  1. Multiplication Phase
  2. Growth phase
  3. Maturation phase

Embryogenesis- The creation of an embryo from a zygote is known as Embryogenesis. Cell growth and division, as well as the development of differentiation programs that result in the definition of cell destiny, are some of the dynamic processes that collectively define embryogenesis. Or it could be the period of time between fertilization and emergence.

Difference between Gametogenesis & Embryogenesis





Formation of Gamete

Formation of an embryo from zygote


Gametes are haploid

Embryo is deployed


Both meiotic and mitotic cell division is present

Only mitotic cell division is present


Two type of gametogenesis, spermatogenesis & Oogenesis

It involve cell division to increase the number of cell, for cell differentiation  (formation of different tissue and cell growth)


It leads to fertilization

It leads to formation of organs


In animals it occur in the testis and ovaries, in plants it occurs in the antheridia and archegonia

In animals it occur in the female reproductive system and in plants it occur in female gametophyte


It occurs in pre fertilization stage

Fertilization is followed by embryogenesis


It includes in following steps


Gametogenesis 1,

Gametogenesis 2,


It includes in following steps



Neurulation and organogenesis

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