Raising Well Rounded Individual

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Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Computer Science (PCMCs)

Students who seek Engineering courses in IITs, NITs & Other Engineering Colleges can opt for this course.

Group I : Languages English.

Kannada / Hindi / Sanskrit.

Group II : Optional Subjects

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Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology (PCMB)

Students who are aiming for Medicine (MBBS), B.A.Sc., Ag. BSc, BDS and AYUSH courses can opt for this Course. They can also prepare for engineering related degrees through this course.

Group I : Languages English

Kannada / Hindi / Sanskrit.

Group II : Optional Subjects



The classrooms are spacious, well-ventilated with comfortable seating arrangements.


Our Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer labs are well equipped with apparatus, instruments and chemicals to carry out the experiments.


Home away from home. We have separate hostel for boys and girls, the students are taken care and monitored by smart, strict but friendly wardens. All the students are given equal care to make them feel at home.


We have a spacious dinning space to accommodate students and staff to provide clean and hygienic appetising meals and lip-smacking snacks to cater to the diversified students.


DR Academy provides ample opportunity to all the students to take part in physical activities and play games.

Best Institution for Neet Preparation in Bangalore